Really Love
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Really Love
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Go back or move on. Will they leave things open-ended or will they finally achieve closure?

Joe and Jane are no longer together. But the love that they once shared rears its complicated head after the death of a mutual acquaintance.  It’s been four years since Jane left Joe for a new city miles away, but the funeral brings them back together again for the day. There’s a lot to say, but so little time before they go back to their real worlds. They laugh. They argue. They reminisce down the streets of DC. They fall back into one another.

They reflect on life, love, and their own mortality. The nostalgia and their undeniable chemistry bring up a myriad of emotions and force them to re-examine their failed relationship.

image character
Tanee McCall-Short
image character
Angel Kristi Williams
Writer & Director
image character
Felicia Pride
Writer & Producer
image character
Latisha Fortune