Symphony of Her
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Symphony of Her is set in a modern day metropolis. MJ an aspiring writer, gets the assignment that can propel or bury him. Master Jones has it all figured out. he has a beautiful fiancé, great friends and finally an opportunity to write for a publication he’s always held in high regard, what he hadn’t figured on is the love triangle he’d end up in. Cassandra is beautiful and from means, she is a successful attorney in her own right, Justine Waters the daughter of famed musician James Waters is trying to make a name for herself while fighting off the generational demons. MJ Jas to navigate the waters of being a professional writer and quality husband-in-training. Malcolm, MJ’s apathetic friend often tries to lighten the mood with his crass humor while Michelle’s no-nonsense life approach and Courtney’s let’s all get together often gets MJ’s exploits exposed unintentionally. MJ is a gentleman and ambitious; he makes a futile attempt to avoid the trappings of Justine and all the baggage she comes with. MJ is in a tug of war between Cassandra’s judgement and wandering eye for her co-worker Anthony while Justine’s drug habit and erratic mood often snaps him back to reality every time he gets tempted.